hi im flora or fae any pronouns enby tme bigender queer 20 black latina


girls horror y2k aes 90s ggs 80s music milfs cybercore fairies reality tv city pop new jack swing


main/priv, reclaim slurs, not a kpop stan just an enjoyer of some groups/solos, i barely tweet, not apart of any fandom twt, interests change a lot, always up at weird times

basic criteria, kpop stan, radfem/terf, mcyttwt, commie/political twt, call yourself a "shooter", get into lgbtq/slur discourse, nb & use aave or co opt terms made by black ppl


Music & Media

kpop bp twice rv frmis9 snsd loona aespa boa bbyvox ses kara f(x) sulli chungha yukika shinee exo nct & casually listen to 2nd + 3rd gen ggroups

others ari harry bey zayn wallows britney namie swv blaque babymetal tommy february6 megan sza spice girls doja fleetwood mac olivia + many more

interests anime, battle royale, tuca & bertie, desperate housewives, skins, euphoria, sex education, tomie, early 2000s reality tv, making crds, horror movies + manga, watching video essays on youtube, lost media